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After spending my youth thoroughly obsessed with Nancy Drew and Harriet the Spy and convinced that my neighborhood was awash in dark secrets, I grew up to become a RITA® Award-winning author of romantic suspense, urban fantasy, and other tales of adventure and love.

I’ve been published by Random House and Samhain, and I presently go the indie route. I work a straight job as a freelance marketing writer and I’m passionate about protecting nature and animals. Some of my favorite things in life are reading in bed, running around the Minneapolis lakes, writing in coffee shops with my writer husband, and eating dark chocolate and Mexican food. My husband and I live with our two cats in a small 1920′s condo full of plants and sunshine. ~ About | Carolyn Crane


Urban Fantasy, Romantic Suspense

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Series Title Sub Genre Supernatural Elements
Disillusionists series UF High Caps (mages): telekinesis, telepathy, dream invasion, structural interface, psychological insight, memory revision, prognostication

Genre Key: UF=Urban Fantasy

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