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Kate Daniels

Kate Daniels — Character

Book or Series[]

Kate Daniels series

About the Character[]


  • Mercenary
  • Order of Merciful Aid (Acts as a go between the Pack and The People Not a full Knight)
  • Consort of the Pack
  • Investigator




Exceptional sword fighter, and throwing blades. Blood magic, can Pilot Vampires

Words of Power Currently Owned:

  • Hesaad - Mine --> From Voron before the series began
  • Dair - Release --> From Voron before the series began
  • Amehe - Obey --> From Greg's notes in Magic Bites
  • Tervan - Kill --> From Greg's notes in Magic Bites
  • Senehe - Protect --> From Greg's notes in Magic Bites
  • Ud - Die --> From Greg's notes in Magic Bites
  • Osanda - Kneel --> From Ugad in Magic Burns
  • Ahissa - Flee --> From the Steel Mary in Magic Bleeds
  • Aarh - Stop --> From Astany in Magic Rises

Character / Personality[]

Kate is shown to have a confrontational view of authority. Typically firing smart ass comments to hide her own insecurities. Though technology constantly crashes Kate is shown to have a broad reference to certain Hollywood references. Growing up learning how to defend herself she leans towards being masculine and not really putting much effort in her looks. Kate has a very good memory able to recite from memory order charter laws at the top of her head.

Physical Description[]

Kate is described as having long brown hair, her only feminine vanity which she usually has pulled back into a braid. " I've already sacrificed feminine clothes, makeup, and pretty underwear in the name of functionality. I would be damned if I gave up my hair, too." Her eyes are dark brown and have an odd shape, almond-shaped, slightly elongated. her skin is a shade darker. If overloaded on eyeliner and mascara, she could easily pass for a gypsy.

Possessions of Note[]

Slayer: A magical saber sword that has the ability to melt vampire flesh. It glows and sweats when Kate is feeling strong emotions while wielding it during magic waves.

Karmelion: A beat-up rusted truck, bile green in color and missing the left headlight assembly. It runs on water infused with magic and could be driven during a magic wave. The truck doesn't rumble or murmur or produce any sound one would expect an engine to make. Instead, it growls, whines, snarls, and emits deafening peals of thunder with depressing regularity.


Shortly after she was conceived her father Roland decided he could not let her be born fearing what she might become. Her mother then fled with her adoptive father Voron to save her. Not long after she was born Roland found them, knowing Voron stood a better chance of surviving Kates' mother stayed behind to give Voron and Kate more time to escape dying in the process.

When she was two years old Voron took her to visit Evdokia , then again when she was four then every few months tell she was seven. Afterwords Voron and Kate traveled the Americas. During their travels Kate fought in various tournaments and studied under various masters one of which was in Oklahoma. In between visits Voron trained Kate how to fight and survive. Much of was harsh and unpleasant. One of the methods he used was leaving Kate in the forest with nothing but a knife and canteen, while another was hunt feral dogs with a knife.

When she was ten Voron hired a street thug to kill her only for Kate to kill him instead.

At eleven Kate learned the Dubal ritual from an Arabic woman.

When she was twelve Kate won a Guatemalan bare-knuckle boxing tournament. The other competitors were boys some as old as sixteen. She also learned her first two Power Words at this age and almost died mastering them.

Fought in her first fighting arena called Hoyo de Sangre ("sands of blood") at thirteen in Peru. Kate won a citywide sword tourney at fourteen by killing her last opponent in thirty seconds causing the locals to give her the name "pequena assassina" (little killer). Later that year she beat Voron in a sparring match. For the next year Voron and Kate traveled back to Savannah, stopping in Cuba then Maimi.

Shortly after arriving in Savannah, when Kate was fifteen, Hugh d’Ambray found Voron and killed him. When Kate returned Voron was bloated and still had a sword in his hand. Greg Feldman took over her guardianship shortly after.

When Kate was seventeen, she met a student wizard named Derin . He was her first time. Greg warned Kate that Derin would try to use her to gain the power and prestige he craved once he figured out how powerful she was. He warns her that forming a relationship with someone weak was a liability, but one with someone powerful was dangerous due to the threat of exposure or manipulation. Two days later, after Kate ignored Greg, Derin asked for a favor, just as Greg predicted. Kate sent him on an errand and called Greg to help her eradicate any trace of her from the apartment. Afterwards she left for the Order’s Academy.

When she was nineteen she left the Order's Academy before swearing her vows and joined the Mercenary Guild. Shortly after joining the Guild, in her third job for the guild, Kate along with twenty-three other mercs went to storm the Buchanan compound. They managed to kill Buchanan's followers but Buchanan himself got away.

While fighting the Franklin Hydra when she was twenty-one Kate met Jim after he saved her from drowning.


Curran Lennart:[]

In the first book, Curran is introduced when the beast lord discovers that Kate is working on the case of the death of her former guardian. He has her meet him in Unicorn Lane as a test to see how tough she really is.


Werewolf of the pack that was assigned to Kate in Magic Bites. Kate blames herself for the events that transpire in Magic Strikes.

Julie Lennart-Olsen:[]

Ward after the events in Magic Burns. Through the series Kate describes herself as Julie's aunt, but their relationship is more of mother-daughter.

Andrea Nash:[]

Kate's best friend and a were-hyena


Friend and business associate. Kate met him while performing body guard duties. Flirts with Kate, much to Curran's dismay.


name About

Roland (biological father)

Voron (nursing father)

Greg Feldman(Guardian)

Grandparents: Semiramis Queen of Babylon and Assyria, one of the most powerful ruling tyrants of Mesopotamis

Andrea Nash

Jim Shrapshire

Derek Gaunt


Spouses / Mates: Curran Lennart Beast Lord
Boss(es): Ted Moynohan Order of Merciful Aid Knight-Protector

Andrea Nash

Mauro (former)





Hugh d'Ambray

Other Love interests: Dr. Crest
Pets Grendel Mutant Attack Poodle

Major Events and Changes[]


  • "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. " What kind of a woman greets the Beast Lord with 'here, kitty, kitty'?" he asked.

"One of a kind." I murmured the obvious reply"


  • Kate underwent so much magic healing following her many injuries that the tatoo on her upper back has started to fade markedly
  • Drives like an old lady
  • Kate can survive in many conditions as her adopted father Voron would leave her with a canteen of water and a knife.

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