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This list is a work in progress. I add as I stumble upon artists. There is no order to it yet. If the artist name is hotlinked, that goes to his own page with more informeation and tons of images. 

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Better Known Artists[]

Artist  Series  Notes, links
Alan Pollack Monster Hunter InternationalGrimnoir Chronicles
Aly Fell InCryptid series Seanan McGuire, October Day
Aleta Rafton Alex CraftEdie Spence, Korsak Brothers, Allay, Dark Breed series, Raine Benares, Bite Before Christmas, Rob ThurmanKalayna Price, Lisa Shearin
Blake Morrow Spellmason Chronicles series, Precinct 13 series, Others series ISFdb Strout
Chad Michael Ward Kate DanielsInkedGeorgina KincaidNocturne City, Hotter Than Hell (anthology), Aspect of Crow Trilogy, Rogue Angel (deleted), Soullumination: cover art - INKED
Chris McGrath

Dresden Files, Cal Leandros, Cal Leandros, October Daye, Greywalker, Trickster, Twenty Palaces series, Void City, Wicked City series, Black London seriesNegotiator Trilogy #1, Signs of the Zodiac (1, 2, 3, 4?) Dark and Stormy KnightsAnya Kalinczyk series, Craft Sequence series, This Witch for Hire & Dead Witches tell no Tales (Hollows 1-2, 3-4), Conjure Wife (hist-hor), Zoe Martinique, Vineart War (fant), Blood Angel series, Office of Shadow, Eric Carter, The Menagerie, Quincy Morris, Fangborn, True Deception, Dark and Stormy Knights, Mean Streets, lots more

Hideyuki Kikuchi, Jim Butcher, Rob Thurman, Seanan McGuire, Kat Richardson, Harry Connolly, J.F. Lewis,

Heart of Stone book,

Cliff Nielsen Mortal Instruments, Infernal Devices, Black Sun's Daughter, Jane Yellowrock, Sentinels of New Orleans, Anna Strong Chronicles, Age of Steam, The Guardians, Vampire for Hire (Samantha Moon), Daughter of Smoke and Bone TrilogyHell on Earth
Craig White Kitty Norville series, Women of Otherworld, Fever series, Hunter Kiss, Sabina Kane, Nikki Glass, Connor Grey, Anita Blake, Dark Redemption, Immortals After Dark, Bannon & Clare #1, Blood Singer, Night Tracker, Shadowchasers, Sandman Slim, Shadow Saga, In a Fix
Dan Dos Santos Mercy Thompson, Alpha and Omega, White Trash Zombie, Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy, Kara Gillian series, Sarah Beauhall series,
David Stevenson Downside Ghosts (bk-4–5 only), Veneficas Americana series (warlock family) Stacia Kane, MK Hobson
Don Sipley Ghost Finders, Dark Days, Deadtown, Mortal Path, Oracle series, Asylum Tales, Lupi, MetaWars, Simon Canderous, Morgan Kingsley, WVMP Radio, Alexandra Sabian, Must Love Hellhounds,
Eric Williams House Immortal series by Devon Monk isfdb
Gene Mollica Iron Druid Chronicles, Remy Chandler, Magic Ex Libris, Void City series, Crimson Moon, The Disillusionists, Deacon Chalk, Morganville Vampires (#1), Jill Kismet, Shadow World, Shadow Reader, Worldwalker Duology
John Blumen Angels of Darkness ~ anthology
John Howe Newford series Charles de Lint
John Jude Palencar Victoria Nelson series, Newford series Tanya Huff, Charles de Lint
Juliana Kolesova Kate Daniels, Downside Ghosts (Stacia Kane ), Riley Jenson, Nikki & Michael (Keri Arthur),  Design by Jason Gill (new)
Kris Keller Black Wings (Christina Henry), Alexandra Sabian series (Bk2 only) Lott-Kris Keller / Goodreads
Larry Rostant Night Huntress series, Hollows series, Allie Beckstrom series, Dorina Basarab series, Riley Jenson (bks 5-9), Shadow Ops, Celestial Blues, The Between, Voices of Dragons, Steel, Game of Thrones, Black Jewels, Dark-Hunter #12, Down These Strange Streets, Graceling Realm Carrie VaughnSherrilyn Kenyon, Jeaniene Frost, Kim Harrison, Karen Chance, Keri Arthur,
Lisa Desimini Sookie Stackhouse series— several anthologies: An Apple for the Creature, Blood Lite, Death's Excellent Vacation, Home Improvement, Many Bloody Returns, Wolfsbane and Mistletoe, A Touch of Dead, After Dead, Sookie Stackhouse Companion Lisa Desimini
Nekro House of Comarré series (Kristen Painter), Anna series (Kendare Blake )
Phil Heffernan Dark Ink Chronicles, Saint-Germain series Elle Jasper, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Tony Mauro Otherworld, Chicagoland Vampires series, Elemental Assassin series, Arcadia Bell series, Gunmetal Magic book (Kate Daniels), Guild Hunter series (2-6), Enemy, Bloodhound Files Incarnation, Indigo Court, Carniepunk anthology, Blud series, Hexed, Hex Appeal, Inked, Night Shift, On the ProwlCarniepunk Anya Bast, Yasmine Galenorn, Four Summoner's Tales,
Jonathan Barkat Nightside series, Usual Suspects (anthology),  Simon R. Green
Mark Tucker Wicked Lovely Mark Tucker - ISFdb
Nathália Suellen Abby Sinclair series - Allison Pang; , Nikki Glass series - Jenna Black; Entwined Realms series, Jinni series - Nicole Peeler link
Sharon Tancredi Jane True series Nicole Peeler
Tim Hildebrandt, Hildebrandt Brothers Garrett Files series ISFdb ISFdb

Artists to Research[]

Artist Series Notes
Allan Pollack Garrett Files series ISFdb
Angela Waters Colbana Files series (source) site
Berni Stevens Jenna Black, Keri Arthur, Christine Feehan ISFdb
Bruce Emmett Strange Brew
Chris Cocozza Piers Knight series Brooklyn Knight-ISFDB
David Hollenbach Harper Connelly series isfdb
David Stevenson New Crobuzon series isfdb
Derek Caballero Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger ISFdb
Edward Miller (Les Edwards) New Crobuzon series

Edward Miller ~ Shelfari

Elizabeth Story Urban Fantasy Anthology isfdb
Gordon Crabb Kitty Norville series (omnibus)) isfdb
Donato Giancola Tess Noncoire series #1, 2, 4 ISFdb
Gustave Doré Edge series by Melinda M. Snodgrass isfdb
Joe Roberts Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance ISFdb
Joel Tippie Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions isfdb
Johnathan Barket Unusual Suspects anthology; Powers of Detection: Stories of Mystery & Fantasy, ISFdb
John Picacio Zoo City
Jon Foster Detective Inspector Chen series isfdb
Jon Sullivan Burton & Swinburne series isfdb
Julia Rohwedder Half-Light City series (Shadow Kin) M. J. Scott
Julie Bell Blood Singer series, book 4 only Julie Bell ISFdb
Julie Dillon SPI Files series by Lisa Shearin ISFdb
Kamil Vojnar, ISFdb Bobby Dollar series

Vampire Kisses (Ellen Schreiber) YA

Vampire Kisses-ISFdb
Kanaxa Secret McQueen series by Sierra Dean; Beri O'Dell series artist
Kristin del Rosario Bite isfdb
Lindsey Look Marla Mason series, Alpha and Omega series, Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy isfdb
Lisa Litwack Blood Lite series #2 & 3 isfdb
Lynn Perkins Firestorm of Dragons isfdb
Mark Fredrickson Dan Shamble, Zombie PI isfdb
Matthew Innis Black Jewels series (early print) iSFdb
Mélanie Delon Crescent City series by Kristen Painter, Tess Noncoire series #3, (Top 10) link, [ISFdb]
Michael Frost Curse Workers series by Holly Black, Promise of Blood (with Gene Mollica), Bloodlines (Richelle Mead),  iSFdb
Michael Wagner Under My Hat: Tales From the Cauldron, Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel (Michael Scott), ISFdb
Monica Stevenson Shade series (ISFdb: Shift) Jeri Smith-Ready
Patrick Jones Black Jewels series (alternate print) iSFdb
Paul Stinson Dark Swan Series by Richelle Mead Sci-fy,-fant, some UF
Paul Youll My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon
Paul Young Secret Histories series by Simon R. Green ISFdb
Richard Jones Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews isfdb
Shane Rebenschied The Outside (see: Anya Kalinczyk by Laura Bickle, Shadows Inquiries series isfdb
Shutterstock Chicks Kick Butt isfdb
Sian Wilson Alex Verus series, by Benedict Jacka isfdb
Steve Stone Hoodoo series by Adrian Phoenix; Welcome to Bordertown; ISFdb
Todd Lockwood Grudgebearrer (fantasy) J.F. Lewis Link
Tim Bradstreet Underworld Cycle series, Rogue Angel (deleted series),  isfdb 
Timothy Lantz Occult Crimes Unit Investigation series isfdb
Tom Percival Skulduggery Pleasant series isfdb

Cover Artists to Research: Borderland series:

~ Source: the bordertown series ~ with links to artist websites

Chronicles of the Borderlands - Series Bibliography ~ fo connect book to artist

Paranormal Romance []

Artist  Series Link / Notes
Jim Griffin  Lott : Jim Griffin
Phil Heffernan (Horror, PNR, Fantasy) Maria V. SnyderMagic Study (Fant) isfdb

Lesser Known[]

Most of these artist had one-time, or infrequent UF gigs, specializing in other areas of art—They are already researched and not much found on them.

Blake Morrow Spellmason Chronicles series (Stout), Precinct 13 (Tate Hallaway), Viral Nation (YA Dystopia), Spit (YA-Fant), ISFdb,
Bruce Emmett Strange Brew anthology
Darren Hopes Angels' Blood, Guild Hunter series #1 only;  isfdb
Dave Wall, Judith Langerman Crimes by Moonlight (one time shot) isfdb
Eric Battle (see page)
Gordon Crabb Marked series Marked series
Greg Stadnyk Origin by Jessica Khoury All Things Urban Fantasy
Jason Chan Books of the Order Philippa Ballantine
Jean Pierre Targete Hollows 1 & 2 (Note: no confirmation & no  connection to any other UF cover art.)  ISFdb Bk1 / ISFdb Bk2
Joel Tippie Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions (anth), Melissa Marr, Divergent, Insurgent (YA-Veronica Roth), Prism (Faye Kellerman) Joel Tippie - ISFdb [http://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/pl.cgi?357697 ISFdb
John Blackford Tempting Danger, World of the Lupi series #1 Tempting Danger ISFdb
John Vairo Jr. Incorrectly named as artist of ReVamped: Void City series by J. F. Lewis at: Void City series and ISFdb List About John Vairo  /
Jon Foster Clockwork Century
Keith Thompson Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, Steampunk Artist Alley: Keith Thompson
Kim Killion Jackson Square by Suzanne Johnson, short (3) Kim Killion, & HOT DAMN Designs!
Kurt Miller (see page)
Lynn Perkins Firestorm of Dragons anthology ISFdb
Marc Cohen Mortal Danger, World of the Lupi series #2 Marc Cohen - ISFdb
MaryAnn Harris Newford series by Charles de Lint MaryAnn Harris
Nathalia Suellen Allison Pang, A Brush of Darkness Abby Sinclair series
N.K. Jemisin Inheritance Trilogy
Oceana Gottlieb Dark Ink Chronicles, Awakened By Blood series: Blood on Silk by Marie Treanor
Oleg Volk (see page)
Robert Nixon Those Who Fight Monsters anthology (ISFdb)
Scott M. Fischer Sirantha Jax series by  Ann Aguirre
Steve McAfee Witch Eyes series (YA) ISFdb
Terri Windling Newford series by Charles de Lint Terri Windling
Tim Bradstreet Rogue Angel: Warrior Spirit by Alex Archer
Zeibyasis , Rachel E. Davis Blood Singer series (Bks 1–3)
Victoria Vebell Edge Series, The isfdb

Nocturnal Book Reviews: artist behind the cover - all


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