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Peter S. Beagle — Author


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Peter Soyer Beagle (born April 20, 1939) is an American fantasist and author of novels, nonfiction, and screenplays. He is also a talented guitarist and folk singer. He wrote his first novel, A Fine and Private Place , when he was only 19 years old. Today he is best known as the author of The Last Unicorn, which routinely polls as one of the top ten fantasy novels of all time, and at least two of his other books (A Fine and Private Place and I See By My Outfit) are considered modern classics. ~ Goodreads | Peter S. Beagle 


Science Fiction & Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Nonfiction

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Series Title Genre Supernatural Elements
Lila the Werewolf (1974) UF, Fantasy werewolf
The Last Unicorn fantasy unicorn
World of The Innkeeper's Song Fantasy

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Genre Key: UF=Urban Fantasy, RUF=Romantic Urban Fantasy, Noir-UF=Noir Urban Fantasy, YA-UF=Young Adult Urban Fantasy, UF-SF=Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi, UF-Hor=Urban Fantasy-Horror, PA-UF=Post-Apocalyptic-UF, Dys-UF=Dystopian Urban Fantasy, Mil-UF=Military-Urban Fantasy, SP=Steam Punk, PNR=Paranormal Romance

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  • Winner of one Hugo.
  • Winner of one Nebula.
  • Nominated for 4 World Fantasy Awards.

~ (These numbers refer to awards for best novel, novella, novelette and short story only!)

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